Apart from our primary service range in the sectors of overnight accommodation and boat rental, we offer a number of services to complete your stay and experience. This also includes transfer from and to Hellesøy, fishing equipment rental, fishing advice, local fuel supply, information provision, and the sale of souvenirs and fishing equipment.


In case you cannot or do not want to bring your own fishing equipment to Hellesøy, we offer the opportunity to rent whatever it takes for great fishing holidays right on site. Our rental range comprises fishing rods, overalls and boots/waterproof clothing. UOur package offers include:

Set of fishing rods
  • solid fishing rod for saltwater fish
  • rather light fishing rod for fishing in shallow waters and/or for smaller fish

Our fishing rods provide a fast and sturdy line of at least 150 meters.

Squids and bait
  • Set comprising squids, hook and sinker of 60 – 500 grams weight
  • Knife and gripper
  • Twister and hooked hanger for mackerels and small coal fish

We will charge you a low fee for renting the sets. However, possible damage to / defects of the equipment will have to be settled at return. 

  • Deep-frozen mackerel and herring is sold on site.
  • We offer overalls in common sizes for rent but recommend to bring yor own boots. Boots can be provided subject to being on stock.

    Please ensure cleaning all equipment with fresh water before returning it.

For our rental fees, please check <check availability>. 


We offer two different types of guided tours and fishing advice. Our fishing safaris take place on professional fishing boats and are being accompanied by a skipper. The skipper holds live-long experience in fishing the local waters and will take you as far out on the sea as weather and other circumstances permit.

Alternatively, we offer half or full day fishing advice. Your trip in a boat rented from us will be accompanied by one of our experienced hobby fishermen. This guide will show you how to use and navigate the boat, present you the best fishing grounds around and warn you of dangerous areas you better avoid. Furthermore, he will advise you competently on the equipment to be chosen and the use of chart plotter and sonar.

If the weather is fine it is not unusual for guides to suggest a slight detour to one of the island in order to grill the caught fish on the campfire.

Fishing safari

Takes place on professional fishing boats and are being accompanied by a skipper. The trips take 6 hours. Max. 5 participants plus the skipper.

For our fees, please check check <check availability>.

Fishing advice

Offered by a local fishing guide. The trips take 5-8 hours. Max. 4 participants plus the guide. This service is reserved for guests of Destination Hellesøy.

For our fees, please check <check availability>.


At our fishing and souvenir shop we offer a small range of souvenirs in form of T-shirts, caps, and fleece jackets.


If you travel by other transport means but by car, we will gladly help you with reserving a taxi fro or to Hellesøy at a fixed fare. However, we would like to point out on the fact that these fares will not be below the ones for taxis you order yourself. We thus recommend paying the driver directly. Nevertheless, we will be pleased to order a taxi for you in advance.


All our boats are fueled with diesel that you may obtain from our fuel deposit at Hellesøy Harbor. This facility is not opened at regular hours. If you wish to obtain fuel, you are thus requested to make a respective arrangement with our local hosts (phone: 950 75 420). Our fuel deposit is only available for boats owned by Destination Hellesøy.

Please ensure to tank up rental boats before return.


Our hosts will gladly provide you with information on local facilities, events on site and sights in the nearer surroundings. Our guests will be provided with daily weather reports. Additionally, a table of the tides is available at the GALLERY.